Taxidermy Workshops / Training

Bird Mounting

The workshop on Bird Mounting will demonstrate the taxidermy processes used for bird mounting. The workshop runs over 5 days and it will be intensive learning while remaining fun and light hearted. Limited space is available, ensuring personal and individual attention to stude+nts.
The focus is for an educational, practical, hands-on workshop , i.e., you will be taught the mounting processes, step by step while mounting a bird yourself. We have sourced legally euthanased specimens which will be suitable for taxidermy students eg medium sized owls, birds of prey and crows. Some theory aspects of bird physiology will be covered, it will however be to your advantage if you do some homework prior to the course by studying pictures of the various birds as listed above and basically familiarising yourself with their unique features, habits and attributes.

The workshop will cover all aspects of bird taxidermy:

  • Skinning
  • Cleaning of skin and feathers
  • Preserving of skin and feathers
  • Body Making
  • Preparing for the mounting process
  • Preparation of Eyes
  • Mounting
  • Making of base for bird to be mounted on
  • Bandaging
  • Finishing off

The Workshops we offer include 4 night’s accommodation on Assegai Rest Farm and certain meals. Please contact us on for more information.