Double Sided 3D Targets

The concept for this target is to provide the archer with 2 challenging targets, i.e. double sided meaning two targets for the price of one. The target is compact and light weight enough to be a travel companion without compromising on material quality. Once the crow's kill zone is no longer a challenge simply shoot the reverse side, which is a snake.....

The pictures demonstrate an arrow penetration test using my Mathews S2 (Switchback) set at 70 pounds, 30" draw, 500 grain arrows and shot at 20 yards. The arrows only penetrated about 20cm deep and did not exit. The head and shoulder of the crow, and the snake, are raised thereby creating more material volume. This target can be shot with broadheads but was more specifically designed for field points.

Product Info:

  • An in mould coating is used for the detail areas, which adheres with greater effectiveness to the cast and is not easily scratched off
  • A length of rope is integrally cast into the target, which facilitates fastening and hanging. This rope is soft and flexible and can easily be knotted and undone and doubles up as a carrying handle.
  • Special grommets, through which the string is guided, are incorporated into the cast and are visible from the left and right sides of the target, where the string exits. These grommets minimize/eliminate tears of the string.
  • Plastic pipes are integrally cast into the base of the target, facilitating the (and stabilizing) placement of the target over pegs hit into the ground.
  • 18 to 29cm deep; 29cm wide; 44cm high