Throwing Ball Target

The concept for this target is multi-faceted. Firstly the Throwing Ball has a integrally cast handle, for easy carrying and throwing, and if required this handle can also be used to anchor the target. Although somewhat bigger and heavier than the 3D target it too can easily become a travel companion.

You can work on your distance judgement by simply throwing the ball and allowing it to roll. Where and how the ball comes to rest presents various aiming points (triangles or dots).

  • skill advancement i.e. starting with simply hitting the ball, then hitting the triangle centre, and lastly the 3 cormers of a triangle.
  • therefore more arrows can be shot at the target with less arrow damage due to clustering.
  • furthermore, shooting triangles will assist the brain in visualizing the 'vital triangle' on 3D animals and when hunting.
  • due to the layout of the triangles the penetration angles of the arrows differ slightly on the horizontal and vertical plain every time the target is engaged. This means that the arrows do not enter the target at a consistent angle for a specific target area, resulting in tunneling and internal collapse while the exterior is relatively undamaged. As a result this will increase the life of the target.

Product Info:

  • This target is suitable for both field points and broadheads
  • An in mould coating is used, to highlight the triangles, which adheres with greater effectiveness to the cast and is not easily scratched off
  • Integrated into the target is a rope handle (grommets are also used) for easy carry & throwing
  • 37cm in diameter

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