ABT Archery Targets

After extensive research and testing, I am pleased to introduce my range of Archery Targets. Much thought and planning went into the making of the original masters, from which the reproduction moulds were made. The casting material is specifically designed and manufactured for archery targets. Each of my targets are trademarked with ABT (Andre Busch Taxidermy).


Impala Shoulder

This target is the shoulder section of an Impala. The idea is: instead of paying for head, neck, feet, and arse.... pay for what is important i.e. the shoulder / vital area.

The shoulder of each side is designed in such a way as to minimise tunnelling (as it features non- corresponding kill zones), thereby maximising target life. On one side of the shoulder, under closer inspection, you will see the outlines of the shoulder bones and on the other side the vital/kill zone area is visible.
A flared base stabilises the target and prevents it from falling over on impact and for extra support pipes are integrally cast into the base, as is a convenient carry handle. An extra aiming area is featured at the front of the target. The shoulder of each side is designed in such a way as to minimise tunnelling (as it features non corresponding kill zones), thereby maximising target life.

Duck Target

The duck can be shot in the traditional fashion, while on land, but is also designed to float. Weights can be attached to the base, which keeps the target upright and string loops can be used to stabilise the target directionally.
The target can also effectively be used as a decoy and is about the size of an Egyptian Goose.

Throwing Disc (Traditional Archers)

Throwing Disc Target for Traditional Archers.
Recently used by Nomad Archery at Huntex Cape.

3D Box Target

This is truly an all-in-one target for broad-heads and is easily transportable on holiday or to your favourite hunting destination. A series of contrast and different size dots are displayed, facilitating shots from all angles.
The target's best feature is it's life size 3D Shoulder, with skeletal structure indicated. This facilitates shot placement into the vitals from various angles.

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Double Sided 3D Targets

The concept for this target is to provide the archer with 2 challenging targets, i.e. double sided meaning two targets for the price of one. The target is compact and light weight enough to be a travel companion without compromising on material quality. Once the crow's kill zone is no longer a challenge simply shoot the reverse side, which is a snake.....

The pictures demonstrate an arrow penetration test using my Mathews S2 (Switchback) set at 70 pounds, 30" draw, 500 grain arrows and shot at 20 yards. The arrows only penetrated about 20cm deep and did not exit. The head and shoulder of the crow, and the snake, are raised thereby creating more material volume. This target can be shot with broadheads but was more specifically designed for field points.

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Throwing Ball Targets

The concept for this target is multi-faceted. Firstly the Throwing Ball has a integrally cast handle, for easy carrying and throwing, and if required this handle can also be used to anchor the target. Although somewhat bigger and heavier than the 3D target it too can easily become a travel companion.

You can work on your distance judgement by simply throwing the ball and allowing it to roll. Where and how the ball comes to rest presents various aiming points (triangles or dots).

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Fish Target (Submersible)

In 2010 I mounted the SA National Record Small Mouth Bass, caught by Nico Retief of Van Loveren wines.

Any fisherman can relate to Bass fishing and this was an opportunity too good to waste and I set about creating, possibly the first, South African submersible 3D archery target, based on this record Bass.

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